The Community Café Calendar 2024!

Every month the Café is hosted by a different local organization, church, or group. We are continually looking for host groups. The mission of the meal is to build community through friendship, family, and fellowship while enjoying delicious food! Contact us to learn how you or your group can get involved.

Upcoming 2024 Sponsor Community Meal Sponsors:

January 2024- Friends of the Cambridge Library (CHS Commons)

February 2024- Dip For Dozer Committee (CHS Commons)

March 2024- Willerup Church (CHS Commons)

April 2024- Plow and Cambridge Food Pantry (CHS Commons)

May 2024- CAP Care (CHS Commons)

June 2024- Cambridge CAP (Ripley Park)



To get involved or register your group to host, contact Kerry at (608) 423-8142