General Program

How is CAP Set Up?
CAP was established in 2003 as a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization with an eleven member board of directors. The Cambridge Superintendent of Schools and a member of the Cambridge School Board, to be appointed by said School Board, shall be ex officio Board members, with full voting rights. CAP receives tax levy support from the Cambridge School District through Fund 80.

What is fund 80?
Fund 80 is a fund levied through the local school district that is used to account for community activities. The activities for this fund are governed by Wisconsin State Statue 120.13(19) Community Programs and Services – “A school board may establish and maintain community education, training, recreational, cultural or athletic programs and services, outside the regular curricular and extracurricular programs for pupils, under such terms and conditions as the school board prescribes. The school board may establish and collect fees to cover all or part of the costs of such programs and services. Costs associated with such programs and services shall not be included in the school district’s shared cost under 121.07(6).”

More information about Fund 80 can be found at the Department of Instruction web site: DPI Website

How is CAP Funded?
The 2021 total CAP budget: $823,988. Approximately sixty-one percent of the budget is supported directly by participant fees, grants and donations. Thirty-nine percent of the budget, $321,356, is supported by tax dollars levied through the fund 80. The budget includes operation of CAP CARE, the Youth Center, Cambridge Area Pool, Ripley Park, the Cambridge Food Pantry and all other CAP programs, athletics, and activities.

How do I register for CAP programs?
Register online, or fill out and either mail in or drop off the registration form with payment to PO Box 54, Cambridge, WI 53523. A registration from can be found on the CAP website, or at any CAP offices.

To register online and pay with credit card please click on the “Register Now” tab.  This will direct you to our secure, online registration database, to browse which programs you would like to register for. You will then be guided through a process of creating a family login and password that you will use each time you register. At the end of the registration you must pay with a credit card. A registration confirmation and receipt will then be emailed to you.

By phone! Call us to register with credit card payment! 608-423-8108.  Registrations will not be processed without payment.

Can I register more than one child on the same registration form?
Yes, it saves time and reduces the amount of paper used.

Will I be mailed a receipt?                                                                          
A receipt of payment will be provided via email for all registrations to the email address provided in your online account.  If you do not receive a receipt, you may not be registered.  Please contact the office at 608-423-8108 to inquire.

How often does the CAP brochure come out?
The brochure is printed two times a year – Fall/Winter is available in August, and the Spring/Summer brochure is available in December.

Where do I get a CAP brochure?
The CAP brochure is available online at the homepage.  CAP is going green and only printing enough copies to be distributed to the local schools, banks, and the community library.  Any of the CAP offices will also have brochures available if you would like a hard copy.

Can I pay with a credit card?
Yes, you may pay with credit card when you register online. The CAP office can also process online registrations for you with your credit card number, however certain items, like daily admission to the park & pool, may only be purchased with cash or check.

Can my child “play up” a grade level?
We only allow participants to play up one grade level if their parent is coaching that team or in the instance of baseball if they have placed higher after warm-up day. If you have any questions please contact the CAP office.

Will CAP programs (including aquatics) be run if the school is closed due to weather?                                                                          
 Anytime the school is closed or delayed due to weather all CAP programs will also either be closed or delayed.

When does the CAP Board meet?
The CAP Board generally meets on the third Wednesday of every month. Anyone interested in meeting dates can click here to view the current meeting schedule.

Can I attend a CAP Board meeting?
All meetings are open to the public and community members are encouraged to attend.

What are the benefits of The Cambridge Community Activities Program within the Cambridge School District?
1. Better access to quality school facilities for recreation programs. Access to and the scheduling of school facilities would not be as convenient if the community’s recreation program was organized under municipal government.

2. School districts in general have a larger service area than a single municipality and as a result, a larger group of residents are able to take advantage of the programs and services. The larger service area of a school district spreads the recreation tax burden amongst more residents.

3. The Community Activities Program keeps the master schedule for all school district facilities beyond the school day. In most school districts, this would be handled by building support staff, creating additional duties.

4. The Community Activities Program assists in making facilities available to the general public. Arrangement for public use of school facilities is made through the CAP.

5. A before and after school child care program is provided by the CAP for families of the Cambridge School District.

6. Athletic Fields are maintained and prepped for community sports programs by the Community Activities Program.

7. The Community Activities Program offers a wide variety and diversity of programs for pre-school age children all the way through senior citizens.

8. A strong community program exists due to the relationship between the Cambridge School District and the Community Activities Program.


Can I use personal floatation devices at the pool?
The Cambridge Area Community Pool follows the Note and Float national program. Children who can not swim one length of the pool with out struggling are required to wear a pfd. The Cambridge Pool does have pfd’s for use but parents may also bring US Coast Guard approved life jackets from home.

Can I bring in my own equipment to be used at the pool?
Patrons are allowed to use any equipment provided by the Community Pool. This will be at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty. No outside equipment or toys will be allowed.

How old does my child have to be to swim alone at the pool?
Children ages 7-11 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian on the premises. Children 12 and older may be in the pool by themselves. Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult guardian in the water (within arms reach) and on the deck at all times.

Why do we have to exit the water when it is thundering outside?
It is for the safety of our participants and staff. If lighting was to strike the building or the grounds surrounding the building the electricity could potentially travel into the pool.

Why can’t I use the diving well when there is not a lifeguard is supervising the diving well?
Due to the square footage, of our pool state law requires two lifeguards to be on duty when both the lap lanes and the diving well are in use.

What is the temperature of the pool water?
The pool water is set at 82 degrees. On occasion it may move with in a degree above or below 82.

Are the swim lesson instructors certified?
Yes, our swim lesson instructors are certified through the American Red Cross as Water Safety Instructors.

Youth Center

Why can’t students leave the Youth Center and come back?
The Youth Center’s main goal is to keep kids safe. When students are on their own after school, or wandering around town with friends; they become vulnerable to inappropriate activities. If a student wishes to go downtown to the bakery, pharmacy, or to get food elsewhere, they are recommended to go immediately after school and come to the Youth Center afterwards. There are plenty of activities at the Youth Center to keep students busy all afternoon, and the Youth Center also has snacks and drinks available for students to purchase.

Why do students have to eat and drink only at the tables with chairs?
The Youth Center tries to maintain a sanitary facility. By having the students eat and drink only at the tables, we limit the area that gets dirty from food, crumbs, and spills. This makes clean up a lot easier and faster.

How often can youth use the old gym?
The Youth Center has use of the gym when it is not scheduled to be used by a school organization. Students attending the Youth Center usually get to use the gym for at least a half hour everyday. However, during basketball season the old gym is frequently used for practices and limits the amount of time youth can use the gym.

Does it cost anything to come to the Youth Center?
NO. The Youth Center daily drop-in program is absolutely FREE. There are snacks and drinks available at the Youth Center for youth to purchase if they wish. There are also some special events, such as Fun Nights, that require a small payment to attend.

Do students have to be registered in order to attend the Youth Center?
YES. Students must have a current Youth Center registration form at the Youth Center in order to attend. This registration form is strictly for emergency or medical purposes and must be on file for insurance liabilities.