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    In an ongoing effort to protect program patrons, staff and the integrity of the CAP, we require background and/or criminal history checks on all volunteers and staff. I acknowledge that my signature below confirms that all statements made on this application are truthful and accurate. I further understand these statements may be subject to confirmation. Signing this document provides my authorization to the Cambridge CAP to conduct criminal background checks, as needed, to determine suitability for placement, and I herby release all parties from any liability from furnishing this information.

    Furthermore, by acting as a volunteer on behalf of the Cambridge CAP, I hereby pledge to:

    o Conduct myself in a professional manner at all times
    o Exhibit good sportsmanship and fair play
    o Treat all children equally, including my child
    o Inspect all playing areas to ensure that they are safe for play and practice
    o Ensure that my participants have positive, fun experiences while participating
    o Remember that I am working with children who will often make mental and physical mistakes
    o Make all decisions based on the best interest of the children
    o Avoid all inappropriate actions or behaviors which could harm a participant’s emotional or physical well being

    I understand that my behavior as a volunteer reflects upon the Cambridge CAP; therefore, I understand that my failure to act in an appropriate manner could lead to disciplinary action and possibly removal of me as a volunteer. I will be subject to the following consequences:

    o Verbal warning issued by CAP Director
    o Written warning issued by CAP Director
    o Suspension or immediate ejection from a youth sporting event
    o Suspension from coaching for a period of time to be determined by the CAP Board

    By signing this form, I am agreeing to the above terms.